Great Fresno Attractions Nearby

While staying in the San Joaquin Hotel, there are many great attractions, restaurants, and shopping experiences to be had in the Fig Garden District and nearby Fresno area. Our boutique hotel is located in the Fig Garden District of Fresno, which is well known for its unique shopping and wonderful restaurants. The San Joaquin hotel is located close to the Fulton Shopping Mall, Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Saroyan Theatre, Fresno Art Museum, the Fig Garden Village, Forestiere Underground Gardens, and much more. We are just steps from the premiere shopping, nightlife, and restaurants in Fresno. While staying in our hotel you can wander the streets of the Fig Garden District all day long, exploring the unique stores and enjoying the beautiful gardens in the area, or shopping in Fresno malls.

Known as Fresno’s premiere lifestyle shopping center, the Fig Garden Village has the best stores for shopping in the Fresno area. When you want to take a break from shopping and enjoy a bite to eat, the Fig Garden Village also has a variety of restaurants for your dining pleasure. For those of you who love shopping, the Fig Garden Village is a must.

When you want to experience a vacation filled with culture and beauty, you can find yourself exploring the Forestiere Underground Gardens during the day and listening to the extravagant Fresno Philharmonic at night. The Forestiere Underground Gardens are truly an amazing historical landmark in Fresno, California. Located less than four miles from our hotel in the Fig Garden District, this underground network of courtyards and passageways in Forestiere’s home are reminiscent of the Mediterranean and ancient catacombs. Built by Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere – a self-taught artist, architect, engineer, and horticulturist – the underground gardens were made by hand with arches, vaults, and stone-built walls of ancient Roman architecture. In the Forestiere Underground Gardens, you can find unique vines, fruit producing trees, and shrubs in their own underground micro-climates. After experiencing Fresno’s amazing underground historical landmark, enjoy a night of symphony with the Fresno Philharmonic at the Saroyan Theatre. The Fresno Philharmonic is known as the “cultural flagship of Fresno” and is a wonderful experience while staying in the San Joaquin area. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about area attractions while staying at our hotel, or would like some more suggestions on what to do in Fresno, and our hotel employees would be glad to assist you.